Contract Manufacturing and Technical Services in Microelectronics

OPServices Ltd provide contract services to the microelectronics industry.

  • Engineering support in microelectronics packaging
  • Contract manufacturer selection
  • New Product Introduction (NPI)
  • Technology Transfer
  • Company Start-up Management

Microelectronics packaging, subcontract electronics

Outsourcing of Assembly and Test or (subcontracting) is undertaken by many component manufacturers to reduce costs, manage variable volumes, decrease Time to Market (TTM), or provide a specific process capability.

If you are outsourcing either single processes or require a full turn-key operation, OPServices can assist you with the moving to a contract manufacturing model. We identify suitable manufacturing partners to ‘best-fit’ your existing and expanding business, and can manage your entire outsourcing project from concept to final product qualification. We also provide additional services to manage your daily production and supply chain once qualified. These complimentary services allow OPServices to provide a complete turn-key solution to our clients. We have represetatives in the United Kingdom, Switzerland and USA to provide complete timezone support.

At OPServices we continue to develop our value added services. Our network of industry professionals can be engaged for both short or long-term requirements. These personnel will provide an immediate injection of industry expertise to your businesss when required and can support specfic technical issues or maintain available headcount during any recrutment shortfalls.

OPServices provides support in Aerospace, Military and Automotive manufacturing across technologies in Semiconductors, MEMs, Power, Thick-Film, SiP, as well as PCB and SMTA.

We continue to support many of Europe’s largest microelectronics and electronics systems manufacturers providing their contract manufacturing and technical services. Whether high-value, mission-critical Space-Mil-Aerospace components or high-volume, low-cost consumer products, we have gained a solid reputation for customer satisfaction and project success around the world.