Hook-up & facilities engineering

OPServices facility engineers have many years experience in Semiconductor facility Hook-up, including design and coordination. We have engineers that operated in the first 200mm wafer fabrication facility in the UK installing mini-environment’s and SMIF technology, to the most advanced fully-automated 300mm fabrication facility in the world operating at 14nm.

  • Hook-up and design –

Liaising with equipment vendors and the client facility Engineers we can provide LSP’s (Local Specific Packages), which include the P+ID and POC. From a facility layout we can provide detailed designs of the mains and sub-mains by producing a lateral matrix showing all services required, including size of laterals, size and number of valves, lateral flow capacities and tools to be connected. OPServices facility engineering can incorporate all aspects of Hook-up design, which will include:

Material specification.

Local abatement – gas and liquid leak detection systems.

Mechanical POC assignment.

Electrical and UPS assignment.

Equipment pedestal design.

POC tagging and pipe and cable identification.

  • Hook-up Coordination –

OPServices prides itself in providing the ability to coordinate the mechanical and electrical trade contractors to install the required services as shown in the LSP’s using materials supplied in the client specifications. OPServices will utilise Lean Construction methods to achieve the most cost effective solutions to install services for semiconductor tools and associated Sub-fab components. By managing and thuscoordinating all aspects of the hook-up install, from tool moves to safety level sign-off, we can adhere to time schedules and budgetary costs for seamless facility start-up and qualification.

Summary of services

Start-up Project Management.

Layout planning.

Hook-up Project Management.

Utility Services Management.

Hook-up construction co-ordination.

QA/QC of mechanical services.