Electronics Contract Manufacturing Selection

OPServices is an independent services provider, and because of this we can offer complete impartiality when we source electronics subcontractors. This neutrality allows us to establish the perfect-fit for your products with the most suitable electronics subcontractor partner company. Many factors including Technical, logistical, commercial and economical factors will all be considered before recommendations are provided to our client. A subcontract rating evaluation will be supplied to clearly identify the final short-list of suitable service providers.

At OPServices we believe a key-factor in any subcontracting project in aligning the expectations of both our clients with that of the subcontract service provider. This philosophy will ensure that we establish a robust business relationship with consistent road-maps and expectations. While OPServices remains impartial throughout the process we can benefit from our significant experience from our previous projects.

The selection process is based on many factors, these include;

  • Existing Equipment and Process capabilities.
  • Forecast volumes.
  • Cost.
  • Quality accreditations and QMS.
  • Geo-location, ITAR.
  • IP protection.
  • Mutual Road-map.
  • Equipment and Process capabilities.
  • Existing know-how.
  • Sample builds.

There is rarely an occasion where just a single criteria will differentiate all potential suppliers, and cost is not always the primary reason for selection. At OPServices we will consider all aspects and provide each potential vendor with an overall suitability rating. In certain cases a customer may require an additional second-source suppliers. This risk mitigation policy can also be built into the overall project.