Microelectronics production

Once a product is fully transferred and qualified OPServices can provide a microelectronics production management service. This complete turnkey service allows our customers to outsource all day-to-day production and supply chain activities. Customers provide a rolling detailed delivery schedule requirement and we will ensure drop-shipments are made to the required location. Supply chain and inventory control can also be provided as additional services to further enhance the outsourced production management model, and further provide a cost-effective and lean organisational structure.

Regular reporting will include;

  • Regular WIP updates.
  • Detailed yield breakdown by process (where applicable).
  • Material inventory and usages.
  • Equipment utilisation and performance.
  • Quality and corrective action reporting.
  • Continuous improvement initiatives.
  • 365/24 accessibility.

We work with your in-house engineering and also provide our own experienced engineers to fully manage NPI, yield improvements, process development, engineering requirements and technical support. We provide a 24/7  support service which ensures a fast and consistent response to manufacturing issues.

Contract manufacturing continues to provide a both fixed price and cost-effective solution to the manufacturing requirements of businesses today. A scalable service that can meet changes in volume demands effectively, while offering access to new and innovative production capabilities has significant benefits to our clients.

Microelectronics production