Outsourcing assessment & feasibility

Prior to undertaking any OSAT project OPServices will evaluate the existing products and process flows to appraise the present suitability of transfer by undertaking an outsourcing assessment. Firstly we will ensure that a non-disclosure agreement is in place to protect all parties from the outset. We fully appreciate the importance in protection of customer intellectual property and know-how.

Once NDA’s are in place a thorough analysis of the current processes and procedures will be performed. This is a key factor in any successful relocation and qualification project. The time required to complete the assessment would clearly depend on the complexity of the process flows and individual products to transfer. However, typically we would complete the evaluation within 14 days of completing a process walk-through at the customer manufacturing facility if applicable. While reviewing the existing process flows, we will also investigate possibilities for process simplification and rationalization if possible. We believe it is a useful exercise to fully review the existing manufacturing status with historical information so we can discuss potential improvements and simplifications that could reduce transfer costs and improve production yields as we move forward.

Once all technical and commercial considerations have been fully discussed and documented we will consider the most appropriate partners for your individual requirements providing a short-listing of potential OSAT manufacturing partners.