Technology Transfer & NPI

Once the preferred contract manufacturer selection has been finalised we move to the technology transfer and qualifications phase. The time to fully qualify a new facility will depend on the particular project and its complexities. It is often necessary to source  and qualify specific process equipment or at least retrofit existing in-house equipment at the contract manufacturing site. OPServices has significant experience in equipment and process engineering,  and can fully support these activities with equipment vendors and suppliers.

OPServices will manage;

  • De-commissioning of consigned equipment at client site.
  • Sourcing of additional equipment and configurations.
  • Export and importation of equipment and materials.
  • Re-installation and commissioning at contractor site.
  • IT infrastructure and remote access installation.
  • Documentation of process and  procedures specifications.
  • Pre-production samples for verification.
  • Quality and reliability testing of contractor site.
  • General reporting and project management.

OPServices will review supply chain and where possible source locally to the contractor site. We have experience in attaining and submitting the necessary documentation to complete this requirement in various countries for materials importation.

A full and detailed qualification report will be provided to the customer once the project is qualified. It is a standard service to provide customers with ongoing SPC, yields and KPI data for the transferred activity. A reporting structure will be created to ensure that this information is regularly issued to our client.


Production relocation in microeletronics